Every day about 5,600 people contract HIV—more than 230 every hour.


Based in Washington, DC, RAHMA addresses HIV/AIDS primarily in the American Muslim community. At the same time, RAHMA does not turn anyone away regardless of religious beliefs.

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Youth Interfaith Program

RAHMA has partnered with Sasha Bruce Youthwork POWER Program for an exciting interfaith initiative funded by the DC Department of Health! This youth led initiative strives to create a video that will be appropriate to show in Masjids and Churches on

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Do you know what HIV or AIDS is? Do you know the different ways you can contract the virus or protect yourself? Did you know with treatment you can have the same life expectancy as someone who is not positive? Invite RAHMA to do a workshop in your community.

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More than 50% of youth ages 13 - 24 living with HIV in the US do not know they are infected. This breaks down to 1 in 4 youth not aware of their HIV status. As a result, young people can unknowingly transmit the virus on to others.

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RAHMA's People Living With HIV/AIDS Board meet every 3 months to discuss innovative strategies to address HIV/AIDS and serve those living the virus. The PLWHA Board's President is a member of the Board of Directors and reports these strategies. 

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More than 1.1 million people are living with HIV in the United States. 1 in 8 living with HIV are unaware of their infection. Those newly diagnosed need a strong support system to.... RAHMA's Buddy system pairs individuals who have lived with HIV for more than 10 years with those who are newly diagnosed.

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RAHMA is dedicated to creating a safe space where is everyone is welcome regardless of religious background, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, cultural background, age, physical or mental ability. This space includes establishing rules so everyone feels respected and encouraging everyone to reciprocate that respect. 

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